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An alternative to overpriced list companies

Economy Leads LLC is proud to offer Canned Leads™
These quality leads are available to you in three different formats:

Address Only (AO)
Phone & Fax* (PF)
Address, Phone & Fax*, Email* & Web Address* (ALL)

See which fields are included in each Canned Leads™ format
*Where available
Our Canned Leads™ are not designed to be purchased strictly for use in email or fax campaigns. Requests for specific fax, email, and web address counts can be sent to Customer Service located on our Contact page. Our FAQ and Legal pages describe our offerings and conditions of purchase.

Canned Leads™ pricing starts at only $.70
Small companies, non-profits, and entrepreneurs can now afford quality leads without paying the high cost of purchasing leads from traditional list companies (more info).

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Economy Leads LLC wishes you the greatest success!

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